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Performance characteristics of water-cooled screw chiller

The characteristics of water-cooled screw chillers: 1.1, the control system of chillers adopts imported PLC program controller, the man-machine interface is equipped with large screen touch screen, the interface is simple and generous, and the operation is intuitionistic and simple. 1.2Water cooled chiller adopts horizontal shell tube condenser and shell tube evaporator, which has the characteristics of simple structure, stable heat exchange, lasting efficiency and convenient maintenance, and has been recognized as the most ideal structure composition of central air-conditioning mainframe.
Air-cooled screw chiller performance characteristics: 2.1, Suzhou chiller control system using imported PLC program controller, man-machine boundary distribution Large screen touch screen, easy interface, easy to operate. 2.2, the air-cooled condenser is wing type, adopts double oil corrugated hydrophilic aluminum-platinum, and is manufactured by professional heat exchanger processing equipment. It has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight and high heat transfer efficiency. The axial flow fan with low rotating speed can effectively reduce the operating noise and reduce the influence on the surrounding environment. 2.3, Suzhou chillers have reliable safety protection devices, including: high and low pressure protectors, exhaust superheat protectors, compressor motor superheat protectors, overload current protectors, antifreeze temperature protectors, water current protectors, emergency shutdown Stop switch, temperature-sensitive fuse bolt, safety valve, etc.

Post time: Mar-04-2019