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[Healthy Air] What time window ventilation is important for health

The weather is changeable, and it is natural to close the doors, but closing them for a long time also poses a health hazard. Today small editor here to give you a reminder, the following 7 points in time should be ventilated. After getting up early and going to bed, the indoor space is often relatively closed. After breathing all night long, the air in the bedroom is often somewhat bad. Not only does the air accumulate a lot of carbon dioxide, oxygen becomes very thin, dust mites are used when tidying up the quilts. Small contaminants such as dander float in the air. At this time, open window ventilation is particularly important. But the window should not be opened too early, especially in the city, 6am 7am air pollution The concentration of the matter is still high, it is best to wait until the dirty air deposited on the ground is lifted off, and then the air is opened, so that the window can be opened at around 8: 00 in the morning, and at this time, the air temperature is increased and the air quality is also slightly better. It is to be reminded that patients with cardiovascular diseases are extremely vulnerable to the stimulation of cold air and so on, so that the patient must wear some clothes after getting up, so as to adapt to the temperature and then open the window. In the sleeping space, the indoor space tends to be closed, the insects like warm and humid environment, the quilt is its favorite home. The quilt will stick to the sweat of the human body, some slightly tide, at this time, the temperature and the humidity are most suitable for the survival of the insect. in that south, the humidity of the air is great, and the quilt is hair The tide is more common. The ventilation of the window is a good way to ensure the quilt drying. Don’t worry about the quilt after you get up. It’s the best way to turn the quilt back on the way, then open the window, let the quilt also breathe, promote the water vapor evaporation in the quilt, and avoid the breeding of the worm and the mold. The Chinese cooking method for cooking, frying, frying and the like can generate a large amount of oil smoke, and the food material can wave a plurality of harmful substances at high temperature, and has strong irritation to the nose, the eyes and the throat mucosa, and can cause respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, pharyngolaryngitis, and trachitis, and the coal gas, It is possible to release harmful gases such as carbon monoxide when the natural gas is burned. Therefore, it is not only open when cooking Smoke hood, also open windows to ventilation, preferably let the air flow, after cooking, also continue to open windows ventilation for at least 10 minutes, to avoid soot deposition in the home. The range hood should be turned on early and late, that is, before the stir-fry, 5 minutes after the end of the stir-fry. After taking a bath, the water vapor in the bathroom condenses, the humidity is very big, must be ventilated and dry in time, otherwise it is easy to produce a large number of mold, threatening the health. If there are windows in the bathroom, open the windows in time after bathing, and open the toilet door to ensure air convection; if there are no windows, must install a large power, good performance exhaust fan. After taking a bath, the water vapor condenses in the bathroom, The humidity is large, and it must be ventilated and dried in time. Formaldehyde is the number one killer in the room after the decoration. After the decoration, the wardrobe, the cabinet and the like use more plate parts, and the formaldehyde and other pollutants can be released into the room for several decades. If the cabinet of the household has a peculiar smell, the wardrobe, the cabinet, the bookcase, the drawer and the like can be opened during the day, and the window is opened with a small gap, so that the pollutants are fully released. if the indoor pollution is more serious, the kitchen and toilet door can be opened at the same time, and the ventilation function of the ventilation fan, the smoke exhaust ventilator or the air conditioner can be opened to accelerate the diffusion of the pollutants. When cleaning the room at the time of cleaning, it is the most dense of the pollutants in the room air Set time. When you clean sofas mattresses or carpets there are plenty of bacteria dust mites dandruff floating in the air and contaminants rising when you use vacuum cleaners. It is best to wear a mask at this time, and ensure that the windows are ventilated to avoid inhaling fine particles. It is best to do wet cleaning first, such as wiping the desktop and cabinet with a wet rag to reduce air floats. Half an hour before bedtime every night can open window to ventilate 15 minutes, best can keep air convection, not only can avoid daytime automobile exhaust, the air pollution that factory produces, can also increase the oxygen in the air, be advantageous to sleep. When opening the window The old and the children tried to do as little as possible by the window. Sleep, bedroom doors and windows do not close, lest hypoxia affect sleep, can open a small door or window, let fresh air into the bedroom. If the window facing the head, it is best to use curtains to block, avoid direct blowing. Opening windows can not only freshen indoor “dirty” air in time, but also prevent some diseases, especially at the above seven times.

Post time: Mar-04-2019