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Air energy heat pump (AHP) has been facing

Air energy heat pump (AHP) has been facing the dilemma of “going northward” since it was formed in China in 2003. However, with the breakthrough of air-energy heat pump technology in recent years, the air-energy heat pump enterprise is gradually developing and infiltrating into the northern heating market. Apart from providing hot water in hotels, hospitals and other service industries, and other industrial applications such as high temperature drying of agricultural and sideline products, heat pump heating is a very important part of the development of air energy heat pump to the north market. Most of the areas north of the Yangtze River reach -10 ℃ in winter, but only a few of them are really centralized heating. For example, Henan Province, a large province with a population of more than 100 million, can really do it every year. Few people feel central heating, most of the urban residents, almost all of the rural residents use the traditional coal-fired boiler heating or endure the cold test of minus ten degrees. And this vast northern heating market for the air-energy heat pump industry, is undoubtedly large and attractive “cake.” For air-energy heat pump manufacturers want to share a piece of northern heating market “cake.” The premise must be prepared as follows: heat pump heating “cake”

1, excellent products: North outdoor temperature is low, one of the ordinary heat pump heating machine COP is difficult to meet the requirements; second, the outdoor temperature is lower, frost melting time longer, defrosting defrosting Water needs special treatment. (for example: Zhengxu commercial ultra-low temperature heat pump heating machine adopts low temperature enthalpy technology, COP is as high as 1.6 in -25 ℃ ultra-low temperature environment; Ultra-low temperature heat pump heating machine uses Boven fin, through fin spacing and refrigerant flow path optimization, greatly delay frosting power)

2, professionals: air energy technology is very professional, installation, construction, Maintenance and other aspects of the need for professional personnel.

3, dealer training: professional and systematic training for dealers dealing with consumers, from heating engineering negotiation, contract signing, construction scheme formulation, construction details, etc. Carry on the detailed teaching, let each air heat pump dealer familiar with the heating market operation process, ahead of time to prepare for market development.

Post time: Nov-07-2018