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Cold air chiller – features

Performance feature

Cold air chiller – features

Low temperature cold water machine is special designed for the special low temperature environment cold water machine, its strong refrigeration capacity for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other places of business of food preservation, large cold storage meat, seafood, frozen, cold storage, ice-making fields, frozen food processing/cold storage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other various cryogenic environment provides a reliable guarantee.

1. A complete range of products, including high temperature (outlet water temperature -5℃), medium temperature (outlet water temperature -10℃) and low temperature (outlet water temperature -15℃).

2. The height of the structure is optimized, and the body is supported by the heat exchanger plate. The structure is simple, compact and practical.

3. Perfect combination of high-quality screw compressor and the most high-quality and efficient heat exchanger, the energy efficiency ratio is up to 4.5.

4. Four-stage or stepless capacity control to accurately match load changes.

Water-cooled low temperature chiller – features

Water cooled chiller is small in size, large capacity, using imported world famous brand compressor, low temperature performance is outstanding, reliable and durable, the product design based on the characteristics of industrial application, a built-in low temperature water circulating pump and the stainless steel water tank, frozen convenient in use, all materials in contact with the water with corrosion resistant materials, effectively prevent rust, corrosion, microcomputer, the number of leds, the controller with temperature display, set temperature, automatically adjust the cold water temperature and the compressor delay protection function, choose brand contactor, relay and other electrical components, equipped with perfect lamp, switch, operating at a glance, the built-in electronic water level indicator and alarm device,Low water level automatic alarm, the operator through the control panel can grasp the water level of the frozen water tank, timely water, unique modular design, each compressor system is safe and independent, even if one system problems, will not affect the normal work of other systems.

1. The compressor of the unit adopts the original imported brands such as Maneurop of France, Copeland /Carrier of the United States, BITZER of Germany and other medium-low temperature compressors;

2. Use refrigerants such as R404A, R410a, R22/R407C to meet the requirements of refrigeration temperature and environmental protection;

3. Temperature selection range: process frozen water between -5℃ and -60℃ can be provided. (according to different production needs, users can select the unit specifications with different outlet temperature;

4. According to the requirements of users, a variety of refrigerant carriers (chilled water) can be selected: glycol aqueous solution, alcohol, ternary mixed solution and other alcohol refrigerant carriers; the evaporator can also be designed according to the anti-corrosion requirements, using calcium chloride aqueous solution;

Post time: Jan-09-2020